Innovative Solutions

Analyst Services

Subject matter expertise supporting mission-related tasks to acquire data and relay critical information by producing strategic and tactical reports.

Cloud Engineering

Design and implement scalable, distributed systems, leveraging cloud computing technologies and prepared datasets

Cyber Security

Leveraging our elite technical expertise, we develop and mitigate solutions on evolving cybersecurity threats to defend the nation and secure the communities systems.

Software Engineering

ACME IT’s software engineers and developers have experience working in mission-critical environments to design cloud agnostic, end-to-end solutions.

sys admin
Enterprise IT Support

All around technology subject matter experts providing Systems Engineering, Network Engineering, DevOps and senior level consulting to expand the intelligence communities capabilities.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering covers a broad set of activities that involve the entire life cycle of the system, from conception to retirement. It includes modeling and simulation, risk management, system integration, system testing, and evaluation.


To maintain compliance capability, organizations must engage in ongoing monitoring, testing, and risk assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities and stay up-to-date with changing regulations and industry best practices.

full stack development
Full Stack Development

We are a team of skilled and passionate developers focused on delivering exceptional solutions. Our mission is to help succeed in the digital world by providing cutting-edge technology that enhances their processes and drives innovation.


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